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“Translating Humor, Translating God: Beckett’s En attendant Godot in Franco’s Spain”

by Will Carr and Corry Cropper



“Is Judaism Funny?: A Historical Investigation”

by Jeremy Dauber



“Laughing in Church: Humor, Humanism, and Christianity in Renaissance France”

by Chris Flood

“Quiero seguirle el humor para entretenerme un rato”: Levity in Religious Autos by Spanish Nuns

by Anna-Lisa Halling



“From Homer to Homer: Divine Laughter from The Iliad to The Simpsons”

by Anita Houck



“Joking Jesus?”

by Bruce Jorgensen

Title – TBA

by Jared Ludlow

“Faithfulness to the Joke: Theological Reflections on the Gospel of Mark”

by Jason Kerr

“Laughing at the Human Condition: Humor in Sinitic Buddhism”

by Rick McBride



“On Laughter, Joy, and Spiritual Transcendence: Laughing with Clarice Lispector”

by Rex Nielson



Title – TBA

by Simran Jeet Singh



Finding Christian Identity and Sociality Through Comedy (A Sometimes Awkward Personal Journey)”

by Kerry Soper