2021 Abstracts

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Belief and the Novel: Secularism’s Theology
Lori Branch, University of Iowa

The Ghost as Such: Critique and the Problem of Anomalous Experience
Ed Cutler, Brigham Young University

The Mariner and the Albatross: Belief and Meaning from Coleridge to AI
Colin Jager, Rutgers University

Mr. Casaubon and the Content of Belief
Mark Knight, Lancaster University

Believing Critics? Roland Barthes looks at photographs
Jeffrey Kosky, Washington & Lee University

Poetic Beyond Belief: Shakespeare, Christina Rossetti, Gwendolyn Brooks
Charles LaPorte, University of Washington

Trust and Tribal Epistemologies: A Case Study
Debra Rienstra, Calvin University

Epistemology of Seeing: Guardinis’ Seeing of Christ as Origin of the Transdisciplinary Comprehension of the World
Yvonne Schlobitten, Pontifical Gregorian University

Reclaiming and Critiquing Christian Belief in African American Culture
Leslie Wingard, College of Wooster